Get A Fair Cash Offer For
Your Property Today

We can provide you with a fast,
cash offer for your property today

➢ We Buy As-Is ➢ No Fees
➢ No repairs Needed ➢ No Extra Costs
➢ No Realtor Commissions ➢ Quick Settlement Timelines

Get A Fair Cash Offer For Your Property Today


Whatever scenario you are in, we are happy to assist you and provide a tailor-fit solution for you. We specialize in handling home due to:
➢ Behind On Property taxes ➢ Inheritance
➢ Death In The Family ➢ Late on Mortgage Payments
➢ Divorce ➢ Looking to pay Off Debt
➢ Currently or Soon To Be In Foreclouse ➢ Unexpected Relocation or Moving to Assisted Living


Taylor Global Investments is a strong network of investors who help other aspiring investors create their own portfolio. We started in 2004 and became more established in 2008 just before the economic crisis.

We are a real estate investment company based in the heart of the hottest and most sought after markets in the world - New York!

We take pride of the following:
1- Proven and Tested System in locating favorable markets with great investments opportunitties.

2. Skilled Professionals to build, renovate, maintain and everything in between in creating a lucrative property.

3- Great work ethics…our rapport with our investors are top notch. We maintain the highest level of confidentiality and integrity in every deal that we make and we will ensure that you have the best opportunity to get higher revenue from your portfolio investment.